Who We Are

Fiona Karlin, Director

Founder of Momentum Partners Limited, Fiona has had previous careers as a lawyer and financial adviser and has run her own consultancy businesses since 1987.

Fiona’s expertise and personal skills have proved invaluable in providing clients with a realistic and grounded view of what it takes to run a business in any economic climate and bring a wide range of business transactions to a successful conclusion.

Clients benefit from Fiona’s professionalism, expertise and ability to target her skills to their requirements, including:

  • Establishing long-term business and personal goals for clients and working consistently to achieve these
  • Skilfully identifying the key components of business situations and instinctively reaching for the best solution
  • Offering practical, hands-on advice which is always results driven
  • Utilising her outstanding analytical and reporting skills
  • Charting a path through a transaction and following through
  • Encouraging and mentoring others
Fiona is based in Cambridge and London and is passionately interested in the success of her clients.

Peter Howard-Jones, Associate

An entrepreneurial chartered accountant, Peter has nearly 30 years’ experience of running his own accountancy and financial services practices.

Peter’s strengths lie in his forward-thinking approach and his ability to see the whole picture. They include:

  • Excellent deal making and negotiating skills
  • Proven corporate finance track record
  • Skilled and diplomatic handling of corporate governance and conflict of interest matters
  • Trusted advice and stewardwardship of clients’ finances
Peter is based in Cambridge and has strong links with Australia. He has a personal interest in commercial and residential property development projects.

Fiona and Peter have developed and maintained a successful working association since 1988.